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Stairway Styles

Stairway Styles in Fort Myers

There are many different styles that can be chosen when designing your staircase. The style of your staircase pertains to more of the era or design look that you are trying to achieve in the interior styling of your home.  

Custom Stairways  are constructed with non-standard parts to achieve individual design requirements that allows for their residences to be labeled anything but a cookie cutter home. Stock parts can be used to achieve this look if combined in the right fashion. With a custom stair, you have the option of using various wood species, not only stock Red Oak parts. We have many more options to choose from, than what is found at your local home centers.

Designer Stairways usually use high-end components and mediums to achieve a single design that is very unique. Normally a combination of multiple components that individually may not seem like much, but when combined correctly, result in a stunning affect.

If your home design is contemporary on the outside, you will want to continue this on the inside.  Contemporary Stairways have well defined lines and make a crisp clean statement. Combining different material works well in a contemporary setting. Whether your home contains high-end stainless or the warm Maple materials, we can design a stair that will fit your needs.

Like the Contemporary stair, Modern Stairways have clean lines. A modern stair can be made of warm Walnut materials and other dark woods. If designed with the correct materials, it can even fit within a traditional motif.

Luxury Stairways can be a free flowing design made up of any design style that fits with the theme of the home. They are normally slightly wider in width and designed with higher end or exotic materials.

When clients think of Traditional Stairways their conception is normally an all wood stair project. Traditionally this is true. The picture linked to this section is an example of a traditional staircase design that is forever popular. The square newels and painted balusters and risers are a classic look. The stain grade material can be varied to complement or match the flooring or other wood species being used within your home.

Glass Stairways normally refer to the glass panel rail sections. The top rail can be wood, metal or other material desired by the customer. In the past, we have used standard glass, colored and low ironed glass to achieve the clearest look. Some clients have chosen to have the glass etched. This option makes their stair clearly a one of a kind. Although not as common, glass treads are also available.

Our customers have requested many designs of Glass Rail Systems.  From the most common tempered glass panels to the tightly bent laminated panels, these systems can have top rails on them, or no top rails, and are used as a barrier on an interior or exterior balcony. We have also installed these glass barriers as windshields/wind breaks on exterior decks and balconies.

All Wood Stairways can be very traditional in design to ultra contemporar. If your stair is more of a standard design, we have a line of stock components that may fit your needs and budget. These stock products are also available in multiple species of wood to achieve a more custom look. Additionally, combining different mediums to make up Wood and Metal Stairways is a fun challenge. Does your home require a very unique stair system? We can use Wood, Metal, Stone Stairways to accomplish this design requirement. Using everything from a traditional stringer design, to a single mono stringer, a truly unique stair design can be accomplished at Florida Stairworks.

In today's home market we see a lot of Wood and Glass Stairways.  Have you wanted, but did not know how to achieve this or a similar look? At Florida Stairworks, we can help you find the combination of materials to make this look a reality in your home.

The captivating sought after pattern of classic Chippendale Stairways offers both elegance and strength. This timeless look can be made of wood or metal and with a myriad of design options. The repetitive geometric line patterns, usually within a rectangular framework, are diverse and beautiful look for any home.

Stainless Steel Stairways have a seamless look to any project. It requires no coating to protect it. It has a significant strength to weight advantage and is 100% recyclable. It also has the unique ability to resist stains and corrosion, and the ability to heal itself. When damaged steel is exposed to oxygen, its invisible chromium oxide film on its surface will become self-healing. You can either choose to have Stainless steel bars which can be installed vertically or horizontally, or a Cable Railing Stairway which can also be installed vertically or horizontally. They are strong, yet lightweight, and offer an unobstructed view. They are low maintenance and virtually invisible, allowing unimpaired views.

Aluminum Stairways are a great option for exterior use. They are weather resistant and can easily withstand any environmental elements including rain and UV rays. They are low maintenance and can be powder coated in many colors.

Stairs and Stairways

Stairways and Staircases in Fort Myers

Stair and Staircases
Stair and Staircases
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